Back Massage

Dr Keenan ACCUTAP Chiropractic


Dr Dennis Keenan is a Chiropractor with 35 years of experience utilizing the newest and finest equipment the chiropractic profession has to offer so you gain maximum results.


We give you complete care, not an abbreviated version of chiropractic care. 

We have a proven track record of success in helping our practice members with a number of health conditions.


We complement traditional adjustment using state of the art equipment.

The ProAdjuster 360 with M.M.T and
the ProSoft 360 devices treat the nerve and muscular systems with a gentle, very effective adjustment. 


We do not accept insurance - but align our prices to what most insurance co-pays are.

We also offer treatment 'packages' for additional savings. 

Dr Dennis Keenan Accutap Chiropractic 

51 W Pleasant Ave, Maywood, NJ 07607 Tel: (201) 845-0993