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Welcome Fellow Chiropractors

This page is to share my chiropractic journey with you and share tools and techniques I’ve found truly valuable for my chiropractic business

I’m a 37-year practicing chiropractor in a brick-and-mortar office in Maywood, New Jersey and for 30 of those years, to serve my patients better I have made house calls.


My Chiropractic story started as a patient. I had no complaints when I started. I was more curious about what chiropractic could do. Yet six months into care I noticed my life-long bout with hay fever cleared up. From age 6 months to age 30, year after year, I would sneeze, cough, my eyes would itch, and would tear up. During hay fever season I felt tired and wiped out all the time. The only the relief for me was to use Benadryl and stay in an air-conditioned room. When I started chiropractic care in February1979 it was not hay fever season and I didn’t think to mention it to my chiropractor. I became impressed by his care, ironically through improvements in balance, coordination and ease in my racquetball game. I was surprised that chiropractic adjustments would have such a profound effect. In August of the same year, for the first time in my life, I had no symptoms of hay fever either. I was utterly amazed and pleasantly surprised, and this became the catalyst to attending chiropractic college.


I graduated Sherman College in September 1983 and opened my practice in April 1984. While I had received great care being manually adjusted, in 1992 Dr. Pierce adjusted me with an instrument called the “Precision Adjustor”, by Kinetic Technology. It was a “WOW” adjustment.  I felt a greater range of motion, more at ease immediately. I was so impressed by chiropractic instrument adjusting that I purchased my very own Precision Adjustor. I used my Precision Adjustor on house calls as well as office visits. The results were fabulous. I wowed a lot of people. They would tell me what a big difference this instrument adjustment made in their range of motion and improvement in their complaint.


Fast forward to 1999, Sigma Instruments offered a similar device called the “VF Adjuster.” It was an upgraded instrument that gave Chiropractors more control of the speed, force and pre-load. I purchased this instrument for my practice.  Over the next few years as my practice grew and grew. I purchase three more VF Adjusters.  The same technology has been enhanced again. 


Sigma now offers five versions of adjusting instruments.


1. ProAdjuster 360– Top of the line: computerized scans, protocols, and patient education.

2. ProAdjuster SP – Computerized scans and protocols.

3. ProSoft360 – 64 specific motion therapies.

4. ProAdjuster CT (portable) -Easy implementation, proven and practical.

5. ProSoft MMT (portable) – Mechanical Motion Therapy resets neuropathways


My practice now uses all but the ProAdjuster SP, which wasn’t available at the time I purchased the ProAdjuster360. It duplicates two functions. The portable instruments are great to bring on my house calls. They are easy to transport, set up and adjust. People love the results, and they are the best I’ve seen in 37 years. 


If you’d like to know more about the benefits or features of these instruments, I’m happy to  share my knowledge of how you can bring the best adjustments to your patients through instrument adjusting.


Dennis Keenan, DC (201)845-0993

prosoft mmt and ct

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