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Treatment by an experienced chiropractor is invaluable to your overall health

We treat the nerve and muscular systems with a gentle, yet very effective adjustment.

NO snapping, popping or cracking involved.   Gentle, effective, and quick, you are going to like the way you feel IMMEDIATELY!



M.M.T.  Mechanical Motion Therapy
is a branded, doctor certified technology that is a combination of instrument technology coupled with simultaneous patient-assisted specific postures that create amazing results.


ProAdjuster 360 & ProSoft 360

State of the art ProAdjuster360 chiropractic spine exam and adjustment, plus M.M.T., mechanical motion therapy with the ProSoft 360.

Membership Program

We are the only chiropractor offering the ProSoft 360 and the ProAdjuster 360 for membership prices.


The combination is what produces long-lasting, amazing results at a price everyone can afford because we do NOT take insurance. Our prices are comparable to anyone's co-pays and deductibles without limiting the number of visits you can receive.

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